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Sound Clip
Guilty Pleasures
by Judith Cutler
Read by Diana Bishop
Genre: Mystery
Media: Audiobook

The last way antiques dealer Lina Townsend wants to spend a summer's afternoon is helping at a church fete. However, the vicar, is an old friend so Lina ends up selling bric-a-brac. A harmless event turns into a crisis when someone tries to steal a tatty old snuff box from under her nose. Tatty it might be, but it's valuable enough for the would-be thief to attack Griff, her business partner, to frame Lina for a crime she didn't commit, and to kill an old friend. And maybe other people too. Because the senior police officer in charge of the case suddenly becomes preoccupied with a personal problem, Lina is forced to seek help from her one-time boyfriend DI Morris, now married with a baby.

ISBN - 9781445011318
Duration = 7 Hrs. 52 Mins.